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It was rainy all day today.

Yesterday was so sunny that it was very comfortable. 

Yesterday was so sunny, so it was very comfortable.

I again realized that I should watch a weather forecast everyday because the rainy season is changeable.



I was so surprised that I didn’t know there were married couples in my work place. 

Additionally one of two couples is international couple.

However it may be usual at a foreign company.

However, it may be comon in a foreign company. 

I also dreamed for getting married with foreigner.

Actually I wonder their lifestyle.

I also dreamed of getting married with a foreigner,

actually, I wonder about their lifestyle.

               I wonder how their lifestyle is like.



Today my  relatives came to my house to confirm if I could install  an air conditioner.

I haven’t seen their kids, they are getting to glow faster. they've grown so fast.

Also I was happy because they have remembered to me.

Almost people are tired when we play all were tired while playing with kids,

However more fan  it was more fun.

I am looking forward to meet metting their again.



I waked woke up at 6:30 in this the morning and then I had walked along the river near

by (near/nearby) my house.

The japanese drama which I saw last night said that it will be good for almost all the

brain to think while walking. brain as walking and thinking.

So I did it in this morning. 

Then I could be was able to think clearly in my brain and got get some ideas of for my future.

I’m going to make it part of my holiday routine.