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Almost all have been sleeping  on a the first train in Japan.

But all over the world, succesful people will wake up early and treasure monrning.

However, I feel that almost Japanese people may not treasure morning and then getting fight with sleepy. sleepiness.

I also tend to get sleepy when I’m on the train, but I’m going to make something important  in the morning.


I was having a lack of sleep.

I dozed off on the train in this morning.

I had fallen asleep ten minutes after getting on the train.

The station staff woke me up at the final station .

And I was embarrassed by my experience ever since I was a student.

I am now going to will go to bed early today.


The Netflix’s notification I received said that the delivery schedule of the my favorite  drama made me so happy. of  delivery schedule made me so happy.

Because the Spanish drama Paper house’s new season will be delivered on September in this year.

There are a lot of interesting dramas and movies on Netflix.

However, there is no other drama that makes me feel crazy-watching more crazy than the Paper house drama.

I can’t wait still in September!

Probably fans all over the world of the Paper house drama fan must have the same feeling I have felt. feel same way 


I was planning to write an article about interior designing and study for the exam  interior exams but I cloud only write an article on my blog.

It took longer than expected 

So I’m going to write proceed systematically so that I could study for interior exams too.


I spend spent an ideal day today at home.

Because I was able to write an article on my blog this morning.

And then, I studied for the interior designing after napped napping for about 10 minutes.

I wrote about a lighting and I learned the structure of the house.

I also want to get up early tomorrow morning to make tomorrow a meaningful holiday.


Today is the last of my four-day holiday for four days.

There was a range of activities I wanted to finish, such as studying for interior designing and posting an article on my blog within today throughout the day..

However, I couldn’t do that as planned.

Maybe it was because I couldn’t get the pace in the morning.


I'm good.

Because I took a bath as soon as I came home from work.

And I had fallen asleep about 30 minutes while taking a bath.

So I was able to relax.


I was able to come home from work.

Because today's work time was shorter than yesterday.

My wife told me about the importance on how to make money.

I was impressed by her words.

And I felt that it make sense in many ways times.

I’m going to start taking notes starting tomorrow.


I didn't feel like doing work out today but I did it.

I was not in the mood for it.

However, I did it until the last steps of the exersice.last menue.

I felt that it is difficult for me to continue this kind of feeling like today's feeling.


Finally I finally received today a book that I really wanted for a long time today.

This book is related to business, and also this book was read by CEOs I admire.

Beforehand I watched a short video about it on YouTube.

 It summarized the book in the video I could see a short presentaion of the book.

So I'm really looking forward to reading this book tomorrow.


I wrote an article on my blog this morning, and I studied for a interior designing this evening.

I posted a summarized article of Netflix's original drama about room renovation.

Shea Mcgee,the host of the TV show/dram, is a famous people as a interior designer in the USA, 

She worked hard to fulfill the client’s wish/desire to turn the basement into a theater room.

She did was not only fulfill fulfilling the request of the client, but she also made the room enjoyable for her client and his friends. when the client’s friends 

come to this room can smile.

I want to become a good to be such an interior designer, like her.


I heard a happy news yesterday.

Because My wife received a pass notification that she passed of the primary examination in English test.

There are 7 levels in this test.

My wife finished until tried to the 3rd level from the top.

Moreover she only had made a mistake in only 3 incorrect answer questions on listening.

Her efforts on this appeared to the test paid off score because she had been listened and read anywhere almost every day for a year.

I’m going to effort work hard,like her.   


Recently, it is becoming became a my habit to have asleep take a nap while taking a bath after my work out.

I always usually asleep take a nap for about 30 minutes.

When I want to have asleep, I should do it.

After then I should study something.

Because I feel that it is better for me.

Every time I feel sleepy then I sleep because it makes me feel better.

I’m going to continue this new habit.



The drama Sense8 is Netflix’s original drama.

It is also one of my favorite dramas.

Finally, it may final episode.

So for This drama had delivered 2 seasons and  the number of all episode is 24.

It haven’t delivered a new season since in 2018.

So I think this drama may fainal.

Because There are mysteries and relationships that have not been clarified yet

I'm looking forward to see what it will be like. happened.

It takes about  The final episode is 2 hours and 30 minutes long, so prepare popcorn and cola.

I'll try it like in a movie theater.


My relatives installed an air conditioner in my bedroom.

We had slept in the living room because we did’t have it last summer.

But we could sleep in the bedroom.

I’m looking forward to sleeping in the comfortable bedroom.


Moreover, I have another one happy thing.

It is to watch the my favorite drama’s end. ending of my favorite drama.

I had already purchased prepared to watch it, I bought a popcorn and cola in preparation for watching it.

’m really want to watch it tonight.


Yesterday, I watched the last episode of my favorite drama.

It was suitable for the last episode,and I felt like it was ended in just a the blink of an eye!

It took us 2 hours, but it felt so fast too and fun.

I searched for this drama on the internet.

Actually, this drama was canceled on its season 2.

Because It seemed seems that like the cause was that the number of viewers was not catching up with the production cost.

However, Production team decided to shoot the final episode with the support of enthusiastic fans.

This drama had only 2 seasons but it was worth watching for.


I got into a coffee these days.

It is becoming a habit to drink a cup of coffee in this every morning and evening.

I researched about it on the internet.

Then I found some many good advantages and bad disadvantages points for to people at the same time.

Drinking the right amount of a coffee can give a relaxing effect and it can be good for the health for people.

So I will be careful not to drink too much and enjoy my coffee life.

Coffee in moderation is always fun and not bad for the health.


I was having had a lack of sleep because of a nightmare last night.

I bumped into a ghost in my dream.

About an hour after I started sleeping, I woke up with a loud scream.

After that, I couldn’t sleep well, so I want to sleep while having a happy dream tonight.


It is becoming to a habit reading a book on the way to my job.

I had been looking for something good for me.

I tried to study English and interior design on the train.

But I often had fell asleep.

I am going to continue to read a book on the way to my job.


I read a book about creating an idea on the way to job work.

This book teach tought me how to create a new idea.

I feel felt that this book is easy to understand with many concrete examples.

I also felt that some people who don’t like reading books could read this book to the end.

I am think thinking / considering of rereading it.


In Japan, soda is used for drinking so I can't imagine for it to be used as an ingredient in bread.


I can't imagine how it tastes like, so I am curious.
I have never tried Guinness nor Bailey's.


I have very low tolerance on alcohol. I fall asleep after drinking a bottle of beer.